Allow me to Explain


Place: The Market Hall, Scotch Street, Carlisle, England (Anywhere & Here Exhibition)

Duration: 4 hours continuous

Material: Human form dressed in black, steel toe capped boot, rubber gloves, wooden board, soil, paper, chair, television on white plinth

31st August 2018

This performance referenced unseen labour through a physical restructuring of its key, fundamental components. In an effort to maintain an element of futility within my practice, the activity was designed to present, but never directly inform one of an occurrence. The space was segmented into three distinct parts, playing host to a mechanism, one intent on delivering suggestive information. To do this, I would physically engage with artefacts from said labour, sabotaging my own attempt at dispensing a vocal account of events and produce hand-drawn representational documents.

Photo credit: Jack Aylward Williams

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