Something Blocks the Doorway


Place: The Pharmacy, Scotland Road, Carlisle, England (SOMETHING Exhibition)

Duration: 3 hours continuous

Material: Human form dressed in blue shirt and black trousers, noise cancelling headphones, blindfold, white gallery wall, spotlight

8th November 2018

Fuelled by a motivation to highlight the problematic notion of inaccessibility, this performance operated through a simplistic economy of gesture and material. The venue, an exhibition space which previously functioned as a pharmacy, enabled me to become an allusive component within the space. I developed an antagonistic, physical altercation with a white exhibition wall. This would deny access to what used to be a doorway and would involve me repeatedly colliding with said wall as if said doorway was still operational. A once achievable gesture became entirely fruitless. Such would call attention to the historic function of the space and the inconsistencies presented by its current state.

Photo credit: Max Wilkins

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