That Part of me that Lives on Vague Nostalgia


Place: The Pharmacy, Scotland Road, Carlisle, England

Material: Grayscale photograph, blue tarpaulin, steel toe capped boots, latex gloves, shovel, hazard tape, heavy duty trousers, jumper, wool hat, wrench

6th December 2018

This performance was, in fact, a burial. It marked an attempted relationship and immersive encounter with place. The exercise itself took place on a demolition site, amongst the remains of an old school building. Functioning as my studio and place of study three years prior, I would dig into the ground of the space, proceeding to bury myself in the plot of land where I previously worked. I would remain that way for the length of an average day in the studio.

While there exists no direct documentation of this event ever having taken place you are invited to consider its possibility.


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