Transfusing My Breath into Their Phantoms, Allusion


Place: The Pharmacy, Scotland road, Carlisle, England (Movement, Change and Identity Exhibition)

Duration: 1 minute, 10 seconds – installation completed for 3 minutes

Material: Human form with feet darkened by dirt and hands painted white paint, sheet of glass elevated by stacked bricks, vinyl floor squares, dental records, photographic documentation of previous performances, saliva, white emulsion paint, hair, blood, soil

22nd November 2019

Dealing with themes of transformation, this allusion manifested itself as a record of prior reflection. It was conceived during a week-long residency, in which I worked alongside, and in response to, a Kurdish refugee.

This collaborative climate encouraged a meta-cognitive approach to production, considering the extent to which a true understanding of external experience is possible. I accentuated the problematic notion of responding to that which is ‘becoming’, that which provides no fixed points through which prolonged, conceptual identification may be established.

I, momentarily, became an artefact, one which represented a previous set of experiences and unsustainable outcomes. Consequently, this cultivation and systemic relinquishment of identities rendered my measurement of selfhood futile. Thus, the problematic aspects and inevitable failings of my endeavour, shaped the performance and its functionality.

Photo credit: Max Wilkins

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