I Understand Only in Human Terms


Duration: 3 minutes, 8 seconds

Dealing with themes of isolation, repetition and distortion, the body works to consider performance art through the lens of existential philosophy. It becomes the foundation for abstraction and metaphor; a mimetic representation of the unease and instability of a life wherein one’s constructed sense of self exhibits an artificial quality.

More akin to a physical allusion than a conventional performance, the work organises human experience and cognition through a process of depletion. While this methodological template marks a shift in the performer’s persona, the work is not necessarily concerned with the act of personification; rather, due to it being drawn from quotidian, an ongoing process of embodiment is cultivated. Thus, the performer erases any kind of personhood or individuality, instead becoming a stand-in for something, a specifically shaped, organic void into which the reader deposits their own experience.

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