That Part of me that Lives on Vague Nostalgia (Proof of Action)

Place: Newcastle Street, Carlisle, England

Material: Black boots, two grayscale photographs


Striving to expand the parameters of an allusive act, I set about encapsulating the experiences surrounding an act of physical and psychological endurance (that part of me that lives on vague nostalgia). This would include; the journey to the site, scoping out the space and the post-performance walk home. Attaching the photographic documentation to the bottom of my boots (the ground of the space as it was during the original act), I would retrace my steps by returning to the site in which I engaged in the nostalgia work. The aftermath of which would question that which is considered ‘art’ within a project’s timeline.


That Part of me that Lives on Vague Nostalgia (The Theatricality of the Protagonist)

Place: The Vallum Gallery, Institute of the Arts, Brampton Road, Carlisle, England

Duration: 3 hours continuous

Material: Human form, A3 paper w/ description of original performance, grayscale photograph, blue tarpaulin, steel toe capped boots, latex gloves, shovel, hazard tape, heavy duty trousers, jumper, wool hat, wrench


Presenting my physical form amongst the symbolic assemblage of a previous performance (that part of me that lives on vague nostalgia), I employ gesture as a type of documentation. My ‘return’ as the works protagonist flirted with a semblance of aesthetic authenticity. However, I could be seen playing up my trauma, embodying a picturesque image of physical distress – a state merely implied by the description of the nostalgia performance. Loaning this suggestive physicality, I present my ‘staged’ production of emotional turmoil, becoming a poseur. 

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Max Wilkins