Absurd Hero


Place: University of Cumbria, Institute of the Arts, Brampton Road, Carlisle, England

Duration: 9 hours continuous

Material: Human form dressed in heavy duty trousers, steel toe capped boots and t-shirt, rock, rope, wooden board, spotlight

31st October 2017

Adopting a Sisyphean functionality, this repetitive action contributed towards an ongoing, representational investigation its subject matter. Employing raw, ready-made materials, the experience played into the notion of the archetypal labourer – using said occupation to explore futility and endurance.

Photo credit: Max Wilkins



Place: University of Cumbria: Institute of the Arts, Brampton Road, Carlisle, England (IMAGO Exhibition)

Duration: 9 hours continuous, everyday for a week

Material: Human form, A5 cards, glass window, polythene sheet, spotlight


Constructed as an interactive performance piece, Provider illustrated concerns of disconnection and dehumanisation. It attempted to reevaluate the function of the artist through a meditative approach to audience participation – enabling one to establish a great degree of control over their own experience. 

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Place: 27 Etterby Street, Carlisle, England

Duration: Between 15 – 30 minutes each time

Material: Naked human form, heavy duty polythene sheet


A series of video performances, Struggle demonstrates man’s internal fight against the barriers of society while teasing the hopeful possibility of transcendence.

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